Some things You Should Know About Selling a Home with Asbestos in the Las Vegas Area

Some Things You Should Know About Selling a Home with Asbestos?If you’re putting your Las Vegas property up for sale and it was built prior to 1980, chances are good it contains asbestos lead-based paint or both. Is selling a home with asbestos legal, or must you have the asbestos removed before contacting a real estate agent?

Can You Legally Sell?

Yes, it’s perfectly legal to sell property that contains asbestos, but you’d be very well-advised to disclose that fact to the buyer. While disclosure isn’t a legal requirement, failing to inform the buyer can leave you open to a lawsuit. If the new homeowner were to make renovations and disturb the asbestos so that fibers became airborne and were inhaled, non-disclosure could put you at significant legal risk. If you’re not certain your older home contains asbestos, get it tested. It’s something a smart home buyer will almost certainly ask about.

What Are My Options?

If your home contain asbestos or lead-based paint, you have two options: disclose or remove. Choosing the latter calls for the arrangement of asbestos abatement services, and while this is certainly an investment, taking no action can give buyers leverage to lower the price. This can be a wise move on the buyer’s part, giving him or her grounds to negotiate for full residential disposal of hazardous materials in the home – all on your dime.

Selling a Home with Asbestos? Schedule an Abatement Consultation

If your home has been tested positive for asbestos or lead-based paint, consider abatement before putting the property up for sale. Certified Asbestos Abatement offers free consultation, is certified to safely remove any hazardous materials, and is happy to give you a quote for that service.

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