How to Know If You Need Residential Asbestos Testing in Your Henderson Home

residential asbestos testing hendersonAsbestos is commonly found in the building materials of many older homes. You may find it in ceiling tiles, insulation, the material wrapped around basement pipes, and even shingles and roofing. Learn the best way to know if you need residential asbestos testing in your Henderson home. 

When to Consider Asbestos Testing

In many cases, the condition of the asbestos material in your home will guide your next steps. If it’s deteriorating or damaged, which could release harmful dust or particulate matter, you’ll want to remove it. Even if the material is in good condition, it may need to be removed if it’ll be disturbed by demolition work or home renovations.

How Can You Tell if Asbestos is Present?

Professional testing ensures accuracy so that you, as a homeowner, can make the right decisions about abatement. Visual inspection, samples and laboratory analysis can offer a clear picture of the materials in your home. 

Can I Test for Asbestos Myself?

Although there are do-it-yourself asbestos testing kits available, they may not be reliable, and they can increase your possible exposure to asbestos. Professional asbestos testing and abatement teams are trained and accredited to safely handle exposure, according to EPA standards.

Fast, Efficient Residential Asbestos Testing in Henderson

When you need to know if there’s asbestos present in your home, turn to the experienced team at Certified Asbestos Abatement. With extensive knowledge of the best ways to test for and remove asbestos in your home or business quickly and affordably, you can feel at ease knowing we adhere to the highest local, state and federal guidelines. We can assist with not only testing but also full removal and clean-up of affected materials, from flooring to roofing. Contact us today for residential asbestos testing for your Henderson home.

Get Peace of Mind with Professional Residential Asbestos Testing

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