Licensed & OSHA-Compliant Asbestos Abatement in Las Vegas, Summerlin & Henderson

Expert asbestos abatement & hazardous material removal in Las Vegas, Summerlin & Henderson. ‘The Bestus with Asbestos’ with over 70 years combined experience.The pros at Certified Asbestos Abatement handle asbestos removal professionally, safely, affordably, and in full compliance with city, state and Federal guidelines. You can depend on our time-tested asbestos abatement protocols designed according to OSHA and EPA-recommended building decontamination mandates. We carefully minimize hazards in residential and commercial buildings, rendering them safe for human occupation while keeping disruption to occupants to a minimum.

The Dangers of Asbestos

Asbestos is a naturally-occurring mineral consisting of soft and flexible fibers that are exceptionally resistant to heat and corrosion. These qualities made asbestos inexpensive to produce and use in a broad range of building applications, including in shingles, siding, furnace insulation, soundproofing material, popcorn ceilings and much more. Unfortunately, it was later discovered that these very qualities also make asbestos highly toxic if particles become airborne. When inhaled or ingested, the mineral fibers become permanently trapped in the body with negative effects sometimes taking 20 years or more to manifest.

Lung cancer
Kidney failure
Laryngeal cancer
Gastrointestinal tract infection
Pleural effusions

Airborne exposure can sometimes induce fairly immediate symptoms such as chest or abdominal pain, shortness of breath, difficulty swallowing, and bloody cough. Over time, exposure can result in loss of appetite, weight loss, prolonged hoarseness and swelling in the neck or face.

Expert Asbestos Removal

Licensed & OSHA-Compliant Asbestos Abatement in Las Vegas, Summerlin & HendersonWe begin each residential or commercial clean-up project with a detailed consultation, giving us the information needed to provide a detailed overview of clean-up needs and a dependable estimate of cost and project duration. Before the asbestos abatement process begins, we seal off the affected area and carefully treat and remove the material without releasing it to the air. Treatment includes soaking and double-bagging to prevent airborne dust, and disposal is done per city, state and federal regulations.

Top Asbestos Abatement in the Las Vegas Area

Asbestos abatement is often required before building renovation or demolition, or as part of a pack-out process. Our job is finished when we’re 100% sure the space  is safe for human occupation, so if you need help, call us with high confidence.

Speedy and Cost-Effective Asbestos Abatement in Greater Las Vegas

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